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About A Child's Chance To Play

​Over the past 10 years, there has been a severe decline in physical activity in children. Because of this, children are suffering physically, socially and academically. Play is critical for a child’s cognitive and social development and promotes interactive play and communication!

Recent surveys have discovered that 40% of young children today have significant health risks due to inactivity.

As more and more schools cut back on quality physical education time, students are left to “supervised recess” periods. Unfortunately, due to lack of funding, many children are left just standing around.

 Compiling this issue for many children is NOT having the ability to “Pay to Play”. Children whose families that can’t afford to pay, are “left behind” from playing organized sports. Many times this affects other children because there are then not enough kids to make up a team, so none of them get to play.

The following key factors represent the importance and benefits of physical activity for children through recess and organized sports:

“Productive” recess allows the release of energy and may facilitate subsequent attention to academic tasks in the classroom.
Allows children the opportunity to make choices, plan and expand their creativity
Reduces stress in children
Children learn to socially interact with others
Develops cooperation skills
Teaches and builds character
Learn to share with others
Teaches conflict resolution
Builds confidence
Gain self-discipline
Ability to deal with winning and losing
Communication with peers and adults
Children learn about physical fitness and the importance of taking care of their bodies

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